Gabby Harwood
I like to unnecesarily freak out about Fifth Harmony and Taylor Swift and sing ( check it out: )


Lauren today (14.10.14)

millie.1989: I MET TAYLOR SWIFT AKA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND THE PERSON THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. MY LIFE IS MADE. The fact taylor swift knew my name and said “hi millie” has made my life and told me I look beautiful without makeup and she has stalled my instagram, I have never been happier, thank you taylor for letting me spend my Friday night with you and 1989 is confirmed the best album I have heard and everyone needs to prepare themselves. I can’t comprehend tonight and the fact I talked to taylor??? danced to shake it off with her, heard 1989 and hugged her. LIKE WHAT? for sure the best day of my life. I love you unconditionally @taylorswift #1989secretsession #1989secretsessions  (x)

meganswiftie: @taylorswift I love you more than life itself. You said some things to me tonight which are gonna help me for years to come. I had the time of my life with you. @taylornation thank you for making my dreams come true.  (x)